Project Manager

Job Description

We aim to provide our clients with a full suite of premium marketing services – from helping to create a top-level corporate marketing strategy and craft the marketing plan, to managing individual product or branding campaigns and optimizing them to meet the growth goals of the client. More than anything, we are looking for a team member who loves what we do, and wants to help us radically strengthen the services that we offer our clients.

The “requirements” for this job are presented as recommendations. We believe that a great candidate for this position will possess all of these qualities, but we are looking for exceptional team members – so we leave room for exceptions. If you believe that you possess the talent and are the exception to these qualities, we want to hear from you!

Recommended Skills and Experience:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel: Formulas, formatting and reporting.
  • 2 Years’ professional experience managing project timelines and budgets.
  • Ability to interact with people of all levels without having direct authority or a supervisory role.
  • Strong understanding of marketing terms, their meanings, and marketing strategy.
  • Well organized in every way with an extreme ability to multi-task.
  • Loves reporting and tracking statistics.
  • Experience in negotiating and ad buying.
  • Speaks and writes (communicates) professionally.
  • Flexible and eager to work collaboratively in an open start-up environment.
  • Well versed in thinking critically about your own work, constantly exploring ways to improve.
  • Experience using cloud-based collaborative project management platforms.

To apply for this position send *ALL* of the following to

  • A brief (1 paragraph) introduction of yourself to our team.
  • 3 Skills or qualities about yourself that you think make you a great fit for this kind of position.
  • An interesting, non-job related fact about yourself.
  • Your resume, if you have one.
  • Your reason for applying to the job.
  • Your schedule availability (how soon can you start, and how many hours per week can you work?)

We’re a creative, collaborative team with no time for pretentious applicants or impersonal cover letters. We write marketing copy for our clients every day – we know how easy it is to impress with words. So spare the formal words and instead show us what we really care about – your personality, your passion, and your skills.