Customer Success Specialist


October 20, 2022

Job Description

Headquarters: Remote (Global)

37signals is hiring a Customer Success Specialist to guide our newest customers through their first few months of using Basecamp. Using any new piece of software for the first time can be overwhelming, or just plain confusing. We’re trying to make sure customers feel confident in using the tools so that they can be successful in whatever they came to Basecamp to do.

About the work
You’ll be leading 1:1 customer demo calls, where you’ll help people set up their Basecamp account to meet their specific needs. These aren’t sales-focused demos. The goal is to help them figure out how to make Basecamp work for them and understand what the software can do. You’ll also answer emails along the same lines, using personalized mock-ups, screen recordings and more. Often the answer will take the form of creative, customized solutions, not pre-formatted responses. The work requires a high level of product knowledge, the ability to problem-solve on the spot, and the willingness to stay curious about customer needs. As their guide, you’re focused on providing tips, tricks, solutions and next steps to set our customers up for success.

The Customer Success function at 37signals is relatively new, and we expect to create many more opportunities for connection. The group of customers you work with will likely evolve over time, and we’re looking for someone proactive and adaptable within a growing team.

What you’ll do

  • Support new users via live product demos and email, doing both daily.
  • Ramp up quickly and be able to lead customer demo calls within the first 30 days.
  • Develop a deep understanding of how new users approach Basecamp.
  • Provide valuable customer insights to the Product team.
  • Help evolve the onboarding experience so that customers see Basecamp’s impact early and often.
  • Participate in figuring out how we track and resolve pain points early in the customer experience.
About you
You know the product.
We appreciate all Basecamp users, but we’re looking for significant experience as a foundation for teaching others. You’ve probably used Basecamp 3 for at least 5 years. You know the product and will be a quick study in understanding additional ways people can make it work for them.

You’re a people person.
You like talking to people and find helping customers succeed energizing. You’re at ease with an audience, whether it’s interacting with customers or presenting insights internally. And, you’re a natural educator. You find yourself sharing best practices every chance you get, and you love explaining how new features work.

You thrive in new situations.
You love being part of a team that’s figuring out new things. You’re naturally curious about user behavior and enjoy sharing feedback and learnings with the team. You’re adaptable and can go with the flow.

Maybe you’ve also…
… spent time working in sales or hospitality or you’re currently in Customer Success. You’re creative, polished, and organized. Whatever your background is, helping people achieve great outcomes should be central to your experience.
… been a small business owner yourself. It’s not a requirement, but most of our customers are SMBs, so it’ll help you understand their perspective.

This is a remote position. While you don’t have to be US based, we are looking for someone who can work US/Canadian Eastern time zone hours. This could be an 11:00-19:00 schedule from Europe, but we’re not hiring from locations that require a graveyard shift to make that overlap.

Since we’re a remote company, the bulk of our work is written, whether in long form posts or short chats. We value good writers. We also value people who can take a stand yet commit when they disagree. We subject ideas to rigorous debate, but all remember that we’re here for the same purpose: to do good work together.

What to expect
You can expect a mindful onboarding process with structured ramp-up time. You can expect a team that listens. You can expect to be counted on and the freedom to do your best work. We build our apps, our teams, and our company for the long haul, so you can build your career here if you choose to.

We respect everyone’s right to participate in political expression and activism, but avoid having political debates on our internal communication systems. 37signals as a company also does not weigh in on politics publicly, outside of topics directly related to our business. You should be at peace with both of these stances.

Pay and benefits
37signals pays in the top 10% of the industry, for the matched role and experience, based on San Francisco rates. The annual salary for this role is $81,000. No matter where you live. Plus, with two years under your belt, you’ll participate in our profit-sharing program.

Our benefits support a life well-lived away from work. Ample time off and all the resources you need to support you in doing the best work of your career. Here’s more on the benefits we offer.

Applicants from outside the US will be offered a contractor role with comparable terms and at the same rate of pay as our US-based employees.

How to apply
Please send an application tailored to this position that speaks to us. Introduce yourself to us as a colleague. Again, we value great writers, so please do take your time with the application. Forget that generic resume, and there’s no prize for being the first to submit.

In your cover letter, please tell us about your experience using Basecamp. What’s the biggest benefit you’ve seen from adding Basecamp to your work? What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced using the product, and how did you navigate that? Please be specific!

Go for it!
We are accepting applications for this position until Friday, November 4, 2022, at 5:00PM US-Central time.

We encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply for a job where you can do the best work of your career.

You should not expect to hear for a few weeks, while we review all applications. Please note that we’re unable to offer individual feedback during the screening process. We usually see hundreds of applications for roles, and our small hiring team simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to offer personalized feedback before the interview stage.

Interviews will take place in November and December. Our interviews are conversations held with future colleagues – no tests, no surprises. Then we hope to extend an offer in early December with a flexible start date in January.

We look forward to hearing from you!