Data Operations and Excel Expert



October 14, 2022

Job Description

Convosphere is seeking an experienced data operations and Excel expert, well-versed in maintaining version control over multiple complex spreadsheets and ensuring accuracy and data quality. You will be working with multiple spreadsheets of manually coded data to ensure data quality and accuracy and that the functions remain consistent throughout the versions. You will be assessing the coded data across multiple spreadsheets to question any outliers in the datasets and to create charts and graphs in PowerPoint. You must be very detail-oriented and work well with others remotely.

These spreadsheets are manually coded analyses of qualitative data where we identify topics, themes, and demographic information, which is then entered as a code or label into the spreadsheet. Each line of the spreadsheet is a new “post” and the analysts will have filled in the columns with labels to identify characteristics found in that particular post. These are then used to develop qualitative and quantitative insights. Your role will be to take all of these coded spreadsheets and check the data is fully entered, functions and version control are correct, and then create charts and graphs from multiple spreadsheets in PowerPoint.

We have global offices but are happy for this role to be fully remote if you prefer. We are open to full or part-time working with flexible or agile working arrangements.

This is a great opportunity to work in an interesting role for our growing global business. As our business grows, so will your role, enabling you to progress your career swiftly. Benefits include competitive remuneration, share options, bonus scheme, generous leave policy and genuinely flexible working arrangements,


  • Oversee all Excel spreadsheets ensuring the data is fully entered, and functions and version control are correct.
  • Create attractive, compelling charts and graphs from data across multiple spreadsheets in PowerPoint.
  • Work across multiple projects with global remote teams.
  • Implement core USPs.


  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Good problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Proven ability to analyse data and ensure accuracy
  • Strong collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Experience working with data to build and populate PowerPoint graphs and charts
  • Advanced Spreadsheet (Excel) skills including:
    • Excel Worksheets
    • Advanced Charting
    • Functions
    • Advanced Formulae
    • Tool Bars
    • Slicers
    • Pivot Charts
    • Pivot Tables
    • MATCH
    • Charts and Chart Analysis
    • MACROS


Convosphere is a social-first insights agency, we recognise that the value of global social listening lies in the impact data-driven decisions can make – and the cultural relevance required to make them actionable. Through hands-on human-led social data analysis across 100+ languages, and with offices around the world we have unprecedented data access into hard-to-reach markets where we can deliver deep consumer insights that bring our global clients closer to local audiences.

Based in-market, our skilled team of analysts are native speakers of over 100 languages, with a deep understanding of both the cultural and sector-specific context of the language. We have a range of clients, from agencies to direct enterprises, across diverse sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, fashion and beauty as well as entertainment. These clients are looking to us to share deep cultural insights to answer their business questions, for example: “What do people think of our products or services or those of our competitors? Who are our customers and what does their buying journey look like? How can we find influencers to help market our products?”

Convosphere is an independent, growing business. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Hammersmith London, we are a varied and fun bunch, all passionate about showcasing the insights that social media has to offer. This is a great opportunity to work in an interesting and varied role for our growing, global business – as our business grows so will your role enabling you to progress your career swiftly.

  • Remuneration includes a competitive salary (dependent on experience) as well as share options and performance-related bonus.
  • We are open to the discussion of flexible or agile working arrangements including remote working and reduced or compressed hours.

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