Fullstack JavaScript Developer

Phase Locked Software

October 21, 2022

Job Description

Headquarters: Netherlands
URL: https://www.phaselockedsoftware.com

Position: Fullstack JavaScript Developer (Remote / Part-time / Freelance)
OPEN until 21 November, 2022

Phase Locked Software builds software products in the Clinical Research and Regulatory domain. We make simple, effective software for complex problems. Our software Studyrandomizer.com is used worldwide by e.g. the University of Oxford (UK), Yale University (US), the University of Sydney (AU). Our software is used for: Covid research, finding a treatment for Parkinson’s disease, sleep research and many other use cases. Our software is web based, and uses a combination of node, vue, APIs, html, and SQL databases.

We’re self-funded, profitable, and sustainable. When you work with us, you get a stable and predictable long-running engagement, in a low-stress environment.

You have expertise in Node, APIs (OpenAPI), and SQL. Everything else is a nice-to-have, and can be picked up on the job.

Your first project:
We have a codebase in Flask/Python that we need to port to Express/Node with OpenAPI. The project uses Postgres as a database.

About the engagement:
Fully remote. Work in a place you prefer. Most of the work can be done async. However you need to be available with approximately 4 hour overlap during UTC+2 office hours for sync work. We’ll sometimes do video calls to discuss code and work together, but most of the time you’ll work on your own. We’re flexible on the day you want to work, and on the office hours.

Initially about 2 days/week (64-80 hours/month), with occasional additional days according to our needs. You need to be available for occasional video calls, and we are flexible regarding the scheduling. You’ll work together with the main developer in improving code and building new things.

6 month engagement, moving to an ongoing commitment if both sides are satisfied with the initial engagement. There is a chance of increasing the monthly hours in the future, but this is not something we can promise.

The engagement will be a contractor engagement, and you are responsible for your own taxes and insurance.

We welcome applications from within and outside of the EU.
Things you’ll do:
  • Regularly update dependencies
  • Fix bugs
  • Develop with OpenAPI and other APIs
  • Write tests, e.g. E2E tests
  • Make sure our code is secure, e.g. dive into OAuth
  • Code new features and improve existing features
  • Clean up the existing code
  • Discuss, decide, and implement new technology with us: currently we’re looking into a distributed db, and a queue system.
Our tech stack:
  • Node 16
  • Express and Atlassian Connect Express
  • Vue, looking into Quasar
  • Postgres and SQLite
  • S3
  • many APIs
  • Heroku and Scalingo for hosting, and we will add other hosting providers soon.
Tools we use:
  • Email – the preferred way to communicate
  • Git, gitlab – for version control and issues
  • Gitpod for online editing (WIP)
  • Nextcloud
  • Orgmode – for task management. We probably move to something else soon.
  • Emacs, however we’re open to your favourite editor.
  • Slack and Video – because sometimes synchronous communication is necessary.
About us:
We’re a small, fully remote team, mostly in Europe. Our company is based in the Netherlands.

Our attitude:
  • Keep things simple: this goes for our product, our processes, and our code base.
  • Get things done: finish tasks, test and integrate before starting the next thing.
  • Work in a low-stress environment: We get our work done, but without unrealistic, strict deadlines and without undue pressure.
About you:
  • You are smart and get things done.
  • You speak good English.
  • You have solid experience in Node, APIs and SQL. Some experience with vue is a plus.
  • You are able to demonstrate past work.
  • You enjoy learning new technologies.
  • The time zone where you live is within +/- 4 hours of Central European Standard Time.

The hiring process:
Applications close 21 November, 2022
How to apply: Please send an email with your application to “jobs@phaselockedsoftware.com”. The email subject line should read: “Application for Fullstack JavaScript Developer contract”

Please tell us why you think you are a good fit for the job.

Include your CV. It should show significant experience in Node and SQL. State your country of residence, and where you saw this job post.

Payment range for 2 days / week is 1000 – 2000 Euro/month (or the equivalent in USD), depending on experience. Please state your availability.

If you meet our shortlist, we’ll write to you by 29 November, 2022 with some basic technical questions. You’ll have a week to answer. It should take you an hour max to complete these questions. If the answers are good, we’ll schedule a video meeting. The next step is a paid test project to see if we can work well together. Once we have an agreement, we’ll be ready for you to start paid work immediately.

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