Growth Marketer


October 7, 2022

Job Description

The Role

StreamYard is looking for a Growth Marketer to partner with our Growth team and scale, manage, and optimize performance marketing campaigns across key channels.

This role is full remote and full-time.


  • Create, manage and analyze campaigns for channels across paid search, paid social, video and display.
  • Optimally allocate a 8 figure budget across acquisition channels
  • Track and report on campaign performance using advanced LTV and cohort analysis.
  • Find growth and optimization opportunities with your own queries and reports
  • Test new user acquisition channels and measure how well they perform and scale
  • Meet monthly spend and ROI goals
  • Share insights with the growth team and throughout the organization
  • Manage the creative process and copy for each channel that you own
  • Align with design and content teams to ensure effective messaging
  • Explore and be innovative with alternative advertising opportunities with current and potential partners

About you

  • 2+ years of Growth Marketing experience
  • Biased towards action and proven track record of creating winning growth experiments
  • Must state what experience you have with Google and YouTube ads on your CV and how you’ve created campaigns on different platforms
  • Experienced with measurement and creation of multi-touch attribution models and web analytics
  • Comprehensive knowledge of creative and A/B best practices for digital advertising campaigns.
  • Expert in scaling Paid Search campaigns while maximizing internal KPIs
  • Passionate about best-in-class advertising campaigns
  • Understand the importance of voice and brand
  • Proactive, resourceful and entrepreneurial
  • Great interpersonal skills in remote environment

The process

  • Application. Please include a cover letter telling us what makes you excited about Growth marketing and/or StreamYard
  • Submission of existing content sample. Share a piece of (written or video) content you’re proud of. Instructions will be emailed.
  • Recruiter chat. Focus on what you’re looking for and why this role might be a good fit for you. We will also tell you about our product.
  • Hiring Manager chat. Focus on your experience and background.
  • Live Technical Challenge. You’ll work on a sample problem with someone from the team. At this stage, we’d like for you to have a clear understanding of who we are and our product
  • Offer
The Offer
  • Fully remote, global team
  • Flexible schedules
  • Laptop assigned, Mac or Dell (Windows)
  • Health Insurance Support
  • Parental Leave
  • $1000 USD for Home-Office Set up
  • $100 USD monthly remote work stipend
  • $1500 USD for Learning & Development

Where and How We Hire

Being a remote company enables us to hire the best talent around the world. We can engage with you in any of our jurisdictions listed below, all you need to do is demonstrate the legal right to work and be physically present in that country. Some roles may have specific workforce location requirements which will be noted on the job description.

  • Entity: Canada, UK, USA
  • Employer of Record: Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Australia
  • Full Time Contractor (Self Employed): Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, Honduras, Hungary, Jamaica, Kenya, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, U.A.E., Uruguay

At Hopin, we’re committed to cultivating an environment that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion. We are a global community and we believe our unique qualities must be celebrated as they are critical to our innovation. It’s essential to us that you bring your authentic self to work every single day, no matter your age, ethnicity, religion, citizenship, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, neurodiversity, or otherwise. Inclusion isn’t just an initiative at Hopin. We strive to embed it not just into our core values but throughout our entire ecosystem.