People Operations Coordinator



October 17, 2022

Job Description

Our company is seeking an experienced People Operations Coordinator to serve as a liaison to our new hires during a period of rapid headcount growth. People Operations Coordinator plays an integral role — from creating a welcoming environment for new hires to maintaining workplace unity while supporting existing employees, management and implementing company wide trainings. They will work to make sure all employees are well-versed in the organization’s standards and practices before embarking on their new roles. If you possess strong interpersonal and communication skills and enjoy connecting with others, apply with us today and join our dynamic team.


  • Implement and execute new hire and company-wide training classes 
  • Reviews existing training programs; suggests enhancements and modifications to improve engagement, learning, and retention 
  • Ensures that training materials and programs are current, accurate, and effective 
  • Manage orientation and cultural programs 
  • Prepare new hire communication with the appropriate Manager 
  • Prepare and execute onboarding email templates for the new employees 
  • Prepare onboarding kits for welcoming the new employees 
  • Work with new hires to ensure a smooth transition to their new roles 
  • Support employees in enrollment of insurance, retirement, and benefits programs 
  • Enter relevant new hire information into the payroll system 
  • Monitor employee retention and turnover rates 
  • Gather and analyze feedback from candidates and new hires 
  • Suggest and implement changes and improvements to the hiring and onboarding process 
  • Support miscellaneous HR/People Operations initiatives and deployments 
  • Drives various engagement and recognition programs to ensure a positive work environment 
  • Special projects and other duties as needed 

Skills & Qualifications: 

  • Minimum of three years of experience in HR/People Operations, HR Onboarding, or new hire training in a management position 
  • Excellent leadership, training, and developmental skills 
  • Experience working with employee contracts and HRIS 
  • Demonstrate the ability to handle sensitive and confidential information  
  • Ability to analyze data and communicate findings to management 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication skills 
  • Strong planning and organizational skills 
  • Creative problem-solving skills 
  • Professional demeanor and positive attitude 

Core Values:

Drips core values are central to how each employee executes in their role daily and exceeds. Below are how we exceed in each core value.

Lean – We find the right mix between administration and simply doing things. Over complicating tasks can add time without providing benefit, however just doing things without a plan can add time when course correction is required. To exceed, we finish work in a timely manner while reviewing to make sure we are striking the right balance between the two. Implementing streamlining methods to existing processes ensure we evolve and stay lean.

Passion – Expressing passion daily is the desire to do the job but evolving in the job to expand beyond the base role and taking on additional projects and roles to help teams outside your own while maintaining your individual workload. Understanding that all of the activities we take are to enable our clients, and thus Drips as a whole to be successful. Asking the question, “How is what I am doing today, enabling the success of my teammates and my clients”.

Happiness – Finding the balance in both your personal and work life. Participating in group and team activities as you see fit but understanding that life is about more than just the daily work. Drips is a remote company and has overall wellness programs and additional benefits that assist. True enthusiasm for what we do is essential but comes from understanding the business overall and how we fit into it.

Improve – Never accepting the status quo and being entrenched in a process or workflow. Finding ways to streamline and innovate while bringing those improvements to leadership. Improvement also means understanding the anticipated benefit and it improves our daily working experience, your teammates and Drips Clients overall.

Team – We support and assist our teammates, even if it is outside of our typical duties. We take on additional projects for their added value whether they impact your day to day work or not. Being part of a team involves being in close contact every day, respecting each other and the work we do is essential however to exceed in Team, we move outside of our direct team, to the company team as a whole and understand how we impact everything and the value we provide.