Remote Customer Experience Representative, 100% Remote

October 21, 2022
$30000 - $40000 / year

Job Description

Time zones: EST (UTC -5)CST (UTC -6)MST (UTC -7)PST (UTC -8)AKST (UTC -9)HST (UTC -10)


Are you keenly familiar with going above and beyond for a client and doing whatever it takes to deliver world-class service? If so, this job is for you. This position will be part of our customer-facing support team; the ultimate goal for this role is to continue strengthening the experience customers have when interacting with Cables and Sensors. We expect every contact a customer makes with our company to be outstanding and significantly above industry standards.


  1. Outstanding customer focus, the capability to provide stellar experiences and interactions
  2. Problem solving and analysis, be able to resolve minor problems and make the appropriate decisions to satisfy customers.
  3. Time management, the capability to be efficient with time, dedicate efforts where they matter.
  4. Multi-tasking, be capable of managing multiple calls, emails, live chats and an onslaught of information during times when pressure increases and be able to manage them calmly and error-free.
  5. Communication proficiency, great communication skills both verbally on the phone and in writing by email. Demonstrate high attention for detail in grammar and spelling
  6. Teamwork orientation, capable of working with a remote team, being involved and enjoying a friendly and warm work environment.
  7. Technical capacity, fluent with the use of online tools, desktop software, and mobile apps.
  8. Ability to follow guidelines of standard operating procedures.
  9. Capacity to make decisions, being able to identify when to request assistance from a supervisor vs. a self-made decision. 

Work Environment

This job is a 100% remote position. All office and computer equipment required to perform its duties will be provided by the employer. A dedicated, private, quiet location with a strong wired internet connection at home will be required for this position. Background noises should be strictly monitored as a professional environment must be communicated over the phone.

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work

This is a full-time position available immediately. Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday – 10 – 6pm EST shift with a 30-min lunch break. All time zones will be considered but must be located within the US.


Our team meets once per year as an entire company in Orlando, FL; Traveling for in-person training will also be required.

Required Education and Experience

  1. Customer service experience is preferred, medical industry experience not required.
  2. Strong multitasking skills
  3. Proven attention to detail. To show off this skill, when applying for this position through email, be sure to make the subject line “Your New Customer Experience Team Member”.
  4. Strong computer skills, emphasis on the use of online tools, G Suite experience preferred.
  5. Strong grammar and typing skills
  6. Excellent time management with little to no supervision

Position Reports to

Erica Reisinger, Sr Manager Customer Experience & Sales Operations

To apply, email your resume to, no cover letter required. In the body of your email,  please briefly answer the questions below.
  • Why would you be a great fit for this position? What qualities, skills, and experience could you contribute to the team?
  • At Cables and Sensors, our company culture is extremely important. What qualities do you look for in a company’s culture?
  • Please upload a 30 second to 1 minute video introducing yourself and sharing anything else you’d like to say. You can either attach the video to the email or provide a youtube link.

    Dealine for submissions is 10/28/2022

Salary Expectation: $30,000 – 40,000 per year