Senior Data Science Engineer, Matching


October 18, 2022

Job Description

About the role

We are looking for a data scientist with good engineering skills – aka you are able to spin up some ML infrastructure as well as write software – in order to spearhead our product matching solution. You will lead us through the exciting challenge that is product matching, which is identifying the relationships between products from different webshops or other data sources.


Product matching is one of our key problems and your task will be to help us decompose this problem, run experiments/spikes, document & communicate results and work with our engineering team to integrate various solutions into our product. We have the necessary data and have a good understanding of the problem but we need help to get our matching offering to the next level.



Your main responsibility will be building out & executing a (technical) strategy for improving our product matching solution.


This involves:

  • Identifying and executing experiments, executing POCs and building out the necessary (sub)systems for matching with our internal teams.

  • Identifying and solving subproblems of matching such as product categorisation, attribute extraction & normalisation, …

  • Communicating results of experiments and learnings to business stakeholders as well as gathering their input.

You will be reporting to the CTO.


Why Daltix?

At Daltix, we are obsessed about the people making data work. 

We believe in integrity, collaboration and a focus on the future.

  • We are an open and joyful space for work.

  • We adopt a human-first approach with all Daltons.

  • We strive for flexibility by nurturing work-life balance. Choose a 4 day work week if that’s what you need.

  • We work where and when we are at our best.

  • We foster a platform for continuous development, learning and reaching goals.

  • Monthly all team Town Hall meetings openly discussing company-wide important topics.

  • We nurture a culture celebrating our successes.

  • Frequent after work events to let off steam!

  • At least 5 years of relevant data science & engineering experience, ideally having worked on product matching before (or similar problems).

  • You have worked in Data Science projects in a commercial context, having the ability to prepare and run experiments with the purpose of creating business value.

  • You are able to write good Python software and you have strong SQL skills to extract and transform data from our data warehouse.

  • You are able to set up the required machine learning infrastructure to conduct experiments. Ideally you’ve worked on AWS before.
    • Note that you will have the support from our devops/engineering teams when we need to properly put infrastructure in production.

  • You are a strong communicator who has the necessary project management skills to break down problems into smaller chunks, communicate progress / hurdles and work with business stakeholders.

  • You speak fluent English.

  • Ideal candidates have worked in the retail industry and have even worked on product matching directly.