Senior Technical Artist – Elevation



October 8, 2022

Job Description

Elevation will re-establish the boundaries of VR. We are looking for an exceptionally talented Environment Artist, to help us explore, create, and deliver world leading innovation in software and VR hardware. Become one of the core team members to help path-find our remote first studio, crafting a new generation of VR development and bringing core VR games to fruition.

As a Senior Technical Artist, you will be working alongside a talented art team driving forward cutting-edge visuals, providing technical guidance and defining art workflow and pipelines. The individual will be the bridge between the art and code departments, working with veterans of the industry to further your personal development, mentoring and peer critiquing. Help to build an excellent creative environment, fostering self-improvement and ownership, whilst establishing pipelines and processes that empower discovery whilst refining intuitive, aspirational, awe-inspiring games.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Champion the tech art requirements for the studio
  • Improve content creation tools/pipelines based on studios’ current and long-term needs.
  • Create and maintain documentation standards and practices for tools, pipelines, and technical specifications.
  • Analyse and improve art asset inefficiencies and optimize game performance, communicating and reinforcing the technical constraints of the product to the team.
  • Implement technically complex art solutions in-game.
  • Create, apply, and evaluate game engine optimisations.
  • Help push the project’s visual quality through the games rendering, shader, lighting, and visual effects, whilst remaining mindful of performance on each platform.
  • Maintain central tech art resources that can be incorporated into current and future projects.
  • Assess the visual quality in VR and make improvements where necessary to fit technical limitations.
  • Mentor the other tech artists on the team through technical guidance and feedback.
  • Work with a level of self-driven autonomy, whilst reliably and effectively participating in team development.
  • Contribute to other areas of the project when possible, such as shader authoring and 3D content creation.


Essential capabilities:

  • Strong knowledge of building, implementing, and improving art tools in Unreal or similar engines.
  • Knowledge of content creation software.
  • Knowledge of art creation pipelines, asset exporting, and process automation.
  • Experience with graph-based programming.
  • A good understanding of modern physically based materials and lighting.
  • Experience in developing for console, mobile and/or VR hardware, with an understanding of platform limitations, memory, and performance.
  • A solid understanding of the multiple technical aspects of art creation.
  • Working knowledge of industry standard project management tools and source control software.
  • A creative thinker with strong problem-solving abilities and commitment to personal development.
  • Positive and outgoing personality with a can-do attitude and be able to adapt based on feedback.
  • A true team player, able to work collaboratively as a part of a multidiscipline team with the initiative, drive and organisation skills to deliver excellent results on time.
  • Comfortable working in an Agile environment and responsive to change in the face of uncertainty.


Desired experience:

  • Excellent working knowledge of Houdini.
  • At least 4 years’ experience in real-time game development, with demonstrable results.
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Python and shader languages such as HLSL or GLSL.
  • Interest in the latest VR technologies and current trends in art content creation.


This is the opportunity to build upon an already proven, world class foundation of VR expertise, to further shape and mould a new way of working, that continues to deliver and innovate for the next generation of core VR games.

We are a remote first studio, with all the perks that come with it. Work from anywhere to help us push the boundaries of VR, with cutting edge technology and the support of our established VR expertise from the wider nDreams group.

Rapidly growing to support a variety of genres, nDreams is one of the world’s leading developers/publishers focused on VR games, creating multiple studios dedicated to making the best games out there.