Windows Forms Engineer

SystemOne, LLC

October 13, 2022

Job Description

Headquarters: Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

SystemOne is searching for a Windows Forms developer to build & maintain new and existing client applications targeting Windows 7 & Windows 10.

As an Applicant You are Expected to Have:

● At least two years of professional software development experience building, deploying, and maintaining Windows forms applications.
● Proficiency with HTTP client libraries, TLS, SQLite, MS SQL Server.
● Experience with error & crash reporting frameworks used by Windows client applications.
● Experience with .NET data encryption libraries.
● Ability to work & communicate with the team in English.
● Experience building setup packages for Windows applications.
● Experience in setting up the infrastructure required to publish over-the-air updates to Windows applications.
● Experience using Git for source code control.
● Experience writing unit tests in C#.
● Familiar with debugging tools and methods.


● Design small footprint client side applications that are targeted at PCs running Windows 7 & Windows 10.
● Deploy updates and installation packages for Windows applications.
● Troubleshoot installation and runtime issues that are reported from remote locations.
● Optimise HTTPs requests made from Windows applications.
● Build data upload workflows that are tolerant to partitions in the network.
● Collect error and crash logs from a fleet of remote Windows PCs and monitor overall fleet health.
● Make strategic technical decisions that cater for system flexibility through safe updates and configuration changes.
● Write unit tests that integrate into deployment pipelines.
● Collaborate with an excellent team of engineers to produce high quality, performant & secure information exchange back-ends for healthcare initiatives.
● Document APIs and expected system behaviour.

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